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Friday 10/20/2016

Sunday Endurance now starts at 8:30am



500 m row or 400 m run


CS/dynamic stretch

B warmup: 

Divide class into 3 groups, each starting at a different station.

One minute of work at each station for 2 rounds.

Monster walks forward 30 seconds, backward 30 seconds

Heavy KB waiters walk

Banded Hip Thrusts. Attach heavy band to PU rig. With back to rig grab band between legs with both hands, with tension on band and hands against inner thigh thrust hips forward...I know this sound weird. 

Workout warmup:

5x3 clean and jerk working up to your heaviest weight for wod. 


For time:

500/400 m row
15 Clean & jerk @ 60%

150 m run
12 Clean & jerk @ 75%

150 m run
9 Clean & jerk @ 85%


Strict press, Start at 65% and add weight as you can for sets of:



5 rounds of:

10 calories on Assault Bike

3 rope climbs

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