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Tuesday 10/24/2017



500 m row or 400m run


CS/Dynamic stretch

B warmup:

3 rounds

150 m row

10 single leg DL's with heavy KB


10 goblet squats

Workout warmup:

On the 2 min 5 sets of 3, Squat Cleans, work up to your body weight. 


Death by Deadlift, Body weight starting with 3 reps on 1st min.

  • EMOM For as Long as Possible
  • 3Rep in the first minute
  • 4Rep in the second minute
  • 5Rep in the third minute
  • etc. until you cannot complete the reps during the minute. 


400m Run
40 KB walking lunge steps w/ KB 20kg(12kg)
40 KB swings, 20kg(12kg)
800m Run
40 KB front rack walking lunge w/ KB 20/12kg
40 KB swings, 20/12kg
400m Run


On the 2 minutes for 10 rounds

Cleans, 1 clean shrug+ 1 hang power+1 power from ground+ 1 jerk

start at 70% and add weight as you can


5 sets of:

max strict dips

max strict Pullups

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