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Saturday 10/28/2017


Get warmed up!



B warmup:

Warmup some more!

Workout warmup:

Get your $hiat together, then:

Pumpkin Relay, Teams of 4 with Pumpkin (wall ball) on turf 2 peeps on one end and 2 on the other, alternate running the pumpkin back and forth. You get the picture...7 min AMRAP. Then immediately  start WOD. 

Workout: 30 min AMRAP

With a partner, partition reps as necessary. 

10 Dead Man walks (wall walks)

20 Skull Squats (goblet squats) 24/16kg

30 Brain Crushers (Ball Slams) 30/20 If we run out of slam balls use bumpers,(ground to overhead) 25/45lb

40 Pumpkin Tosses (pullovers)

50 Body Stompers (DU's)2xsingles or bar jump 1/1

Zombie Run (150 m run with Bands just above knees, run with wide stride) both partners run together.

Death Sled, each team must perform 2 sled push's anytime during the wod (60 meters, up and back on turf) with partner on sled.

9:15 O lift

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Friday 10/27/2017
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Sunday 10/29/2017