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Friday 6/23/2017




500 m row or run


CS/dynamic stretch

B warmup:

Partner row, 1500 m Tabata style.

Workout warmup:

Take 10 minutes to set up stations and warmup each movement.


Two rounds of:

1 min of Bench Press for total reps. 65% body weight.

1 min of Wall Walks

1 min of TTB

1 min of lunges



One minute of rest between movements, remove your barbell and bench from bench rack after you complete your minute of bench. Replace it when you start 2nd round and remove again after your minute. Everyone starts on Bench Press.


Scoring is total reps.

Coaches separate heats by two minutes.

O lift:

OH squat

5x3  starting at 65% add weight for a heavy triple.


15 min of goat work


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