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Monday, 8/21/2017

Jenn and Jeff


500 m row or 400 m run


CS/Dynamic stretch

B Warmup:

With an empty bar:

3 rounds of:

10 front squats

10 strict presses

10 bent over rows

Workout warmup:

Squat cleans

Take 10-15 minutes to work up to a heavy triple.

5x3, warm up to 60% then begin your 1st set

They do not have to be touch and go.


21-18-15-12 reps, for time of:
Push Press (115/75)
Box jumps
Run 150 m


Back Squat:

EMOM for 20 minutes of:
2 back squats
Start at 70% and go up as you can.


5 minutes to do as many ring MU's as possible

5 minutes to do as many bar MU's as possible


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