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Sunday 1/7/2018

Brian and Robert


2000 m partner row.


1 minute for max reps at each station  
1 minute rest between stations
2 rounds

Burpee Pull-ups

Sand bag cleans blue/ red

KB Thrusters 20kg/12kg

RKB Swings 24/16kg

Rope climb 1 climb=4 reps

Sandbag Crab walk 20' = 3 reps( bag sits on waist). Go to red line and back for 1 min.  each length =3 reps.

Battle Ropes, 4 swings = 1 rep.

Assault bike for cal's

row for cal's

Turkish get-ups with KB

GHD situps

Start at any station, but stay in the order written. No more than 2 people per station.

Later Event: January 8
Monday 01/08/2018