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Bladium crossfit 

Over 6000 Sq Ft.  |  8+ wods per day   |  open gym  |  award winning coaching

Yoga, Spin, & Fitness Classes  |  Day care  |  sauna & Steam room

What Is Crossfit?

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements of life.

Overall, the aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness supported by measurable, observable and repeatable results. The program prepares trainees for any physical contingency—not only for the unknown but for the unknowable, too. Our specialty is not specializing.

While CrossFit challenges the world's fittest, the program is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect application for any committed individual, regardless of experience. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change the program. The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind. (Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.)


If you have a busy schedule, you'll find more than eight classes per day, Monday through Friday. Need to come in on your own? We have open gym all day. There are morning WODs and clinics on the weekends and child care.

Class Schedule


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 5:00am, 6:00am, 8:15am, 9:15am, 12:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm (No 6:30pm Friday)
Thursday 5:30am,8:15am, 9:15am, 12:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm
Saturday 7am, 8am, 9am, 
Intro classes, by appointment or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, @9:15am

Olympic Lift

Thursday 6:30pm

Saturday 9:15am

Tuesday 5am, 6am (can do Endurance workout at any class/time after 5 or 6am class on your own)

Thursday 5:30am (can do Endurance workout at any class/time after 5:30am class on your own)
Sunday  8:30am (1.5 hours)

Bladium has Open Gym Hours: Mon-Fri: 5am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 7am-9pm



Scott Olson Collagge

CrossFit World Champion & Games Competitor Scott olson as manager

Bladium Sports & Fitness is thrilled to have Scott Olson as the CrossFit Manager. Scott is a six time CrossFit games competitor and three time gold medalist.

His commitment to CrossFit translates directly into a training program appropriate for all athletes: beginners and competitors. His passion to help athletes succeed makes him the perfect fit as Coach and Manager. His expertise will take you to the next level.

Scott is a father of four, investment firm owner, and attended San Diego State University on a football scholarship,

Level 1 CrossFit Cert.                                                                                                                                                                                         Level 2 CrossFit Cert.


Qualifier 2017 Reebok Crossfit Games

 11th 2016 Reebok Crossfit Games

Gold medal 2014 Reebok CrossFit games Masters 60

Gold medal 2013 Reebok CrossFit games Masters 60

Gold medal 2012 Reebok CrossFit games Masters 60

Silver medal 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Masters 55-59

Qualifier/competitor 2010 World CrossFit games top 15

Gold medal 2013 Colorado Master

Gold medal 2012 Colorado Masters

Gold medal 2011 Colorado Masters
Undisputed “Rocky Mountain Mustache Champion”

Andrew Sapoznik


Andrew, originally from Illinois, moved to Denver with his fiancé to take advantage of the active Colorado lifestyle. He first discovered and used Crossfit as supplemental conditioning work for competitive Brazillion Jiu-jitsu but soon fell in love with the challenges, effectiveness and camaraderie of Crossfit. He eventually made the switch from the corporate world as a Software Auditor to being a full-time Crossfit coach in Chicago for the past three years. He is a strong believer in constantly learning and honing his craft in order to help athletes reach their fullest potential.

Certification and Seminars Crossfit Level 2, Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Movement and Mobility Trainer Course, USA Weightlifting Level 1, USA Track & Field Level 1, Eleiko Olympic Lifting and Program Design, UCanRow2 Indoor Rowing Certification, Freestyle Movement Connection Seminar with Carl Paoli FuBarbell, Biomechanics of Weightlifting Seminar Attitude Nation Level 1 Seminar with Jon North Juggernaut, Powerlifting Clinic with Brandon Lill

Gabe Romero Crossfit Coach


I have always been an athlete – wrestling, football and track. When those things ended I was just a regular old globo-gym rat.

But in 2010 I discovered CrossFit and it was the perfect fit for me. I fell in love day one! That day one consisted of tabata air squats. I thought, “How hard can this possible be…I mean, air squats? Come on!” Needless to say, I was sore and as a result I was hooked! Since then I have been an active member and coach.

I was trained by some of the best lifters in U.S. History including Olympians Cheryl Hayworth, Natalie and Cody Bergner, Donovan Ford and Erin Okonik to name a few (doing Crossfit in Colorado Springs has its advantages!) I am USA Weightlifting and Crossfit Level 1 Certified.

I went to the 2015 CrossFit Games in the Masters 40-44 age group. It’s was a long road and what I found is you can always improve and after 5 years I’m better than I ever have been even though I’m 43. Attacking weaknesses is fundamental to this sport because everyday varies from the exercises in the workout to the way those exercises make you feel. Everyone that walks in the door has different abilities and different goals. You must always work hard but recognize your limits and learn from people that have knowledge to share. Trust that I will pass this knowledge along to anyone that wants to learn.

Certifications CrossFit Level 1, USA Weight Lifting Level 1 and 2

Competition CrossFit Games 2015 – 18th place Masters 40-44, CrossFit Regionals Team – 2011, 2012, 2013

Erik Anderson Coach

Erik Anderson

Erik, originally from Michigan, has always been active and previously competed in endurance sports having completed several marathons, triathlons, and adventure races.  He has coached CrossFit since 2012.  He is a 3 time regional competitor and still enjoys competing in local events.  He is a budget analyst during the day and in his free time enjoys Colorado activities such as hiking, camping, and snowboarding.

Certification Level 1 CrossFit

Aaron Brill Crossfit Coach

aaron brill

I 'found CrossFit' when I was assigned from patrol to the police academy as an instructor in 2009. I was the typical big arms/little legs cop. The Captain of the academy saw the arms and said, "You're a big guy. You're going to be in charge of fitness. Apparently we do this CrossFit thing so get certified." 

I coached everyone that walked into the academy for the next year, whether they wanted it or not, went to some more seminars then opened my own gym in 2010. I knew of, and respected, Scott Olson so in 2016 I joined Bladium CrossFit.

Certifications CrossFit Level 1 (2009, renewed in 2015), Movement & Mobility with Kelly Starrett, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, International Kettlebell Lifting Federation Instructor, Carl Paola's Freestyle Connection gymnastics,Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator from National Strength and Conditioning Association, Krav Maga Worldwide Force Training Division instructor since 2002 

Emily Wall.jpg


Emily began coaching weightlifting in 2011 while teaching high school science in Orlando, Florida. After moving to Colorado in the summer of 2015, she earned her CF-L1 and began coaching CrossFit. As an educator, coaching quickly and naturally became her full time job.  In her younger years, Emily was a competitive dancer, with an affinity for tap, but the subjective nature of the sport fueled her involvement in her next athletic interests, weightlifting and distance running.  She has always enjoyed the objective measure of success in these sports; the numbers on the clock and the numbers on the bar never lie, and this objective and measurable nature drove her to CrossFit. 

Additionally, her experience in coaching youth weightlifting fueled her desire and love for coaching CrossFit. She was always inspired by her athletes’ ever-growing confidence and the effect that the sport had on their lives outside of the gym, and that’s what she loves most about CrossFit.  Beyond the numbers measured at the gym, she finds no greater passion than helping individuals of all ages improve their physical, and more importantly, their mental health, through the community of CrossFit.

Certification Level 1 CrossFit, CPR/AED

Ethan Rietema Coach

Ethan Rietema

Ethan, a native of Colorado, grew up playing Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee and chess. He enjoys coaching early morning classes and overhead squats. When not in the gym he stays busy running his small business and enjoys traveling to Mexico with his wife and four children.

Certification Level 1 CrossFit

Michael Sevilla Coach

Michael Sevilla

A few years ago while practicing Krav Maga, Michael started to look for a way to cross condition and improve overall strength, stamina, and flexibility. Starting with MMA inspired workouts he added yoga, bootcamp cardio and body weight workouts to my overall routine. In late 2010 he attended his first CrossFit class. Even though he could barely breath after the 12 minute workout, he was hooked. Based on his love for all things CrossFit he decided to become a CrossFit coach and share that passion with others who want to transform their lives and improve their fitness.

Certification Level 1 CrossFit, Goal Setting, Olympic Weightlifting, Previous Athletic Experience – Running, Muy Thai, Wrestling, Football, Lacrosse, Swimming, Obstacle Course Racing

Melissa Wheeler Coach

Melissa "Mel" Wheeler

Mel, a Denver native, grew up doing theatre and translated her flare for the dramatic to CrossFit in 2013. She has been coaching since 2015 and has placed in multiple local events in the Denver area. She also enjoys distance running, especially the Colfax marathon events. When not doing crossFit, she teaches middle school and enjoys reading, sewing, playwriting, and sampling fine wines.

Certifications Level 1 CrossFit

Competition Survival of the Fittest- 3rd place 2016, Survival of the Fittest- 2nd place 2017, Wodapalooza- 2nd place scaled division 2017,  Battle of the Ages Team Competition- 1st place

Jessica Howard Coach

Jessica Howard

Jessica, a Colorado native, wife, and stay at home mother of two, was looking for a new challenge beyond the same old workout videos in her basement.  In 2012, she walked into Bladium CrossFit, convinced it was not for her.  Despite her reluctance, she quickly became addicted to the day to day challenges, rapid body transformation, and amazing community.  In 2015 she took the Level 1 certification and started coaching.  She loves sharing her passion for the sport and helping others reach their fullest potential.  When not at the gym or chasing kids around, she enjoys skiing, golfing, and hiking.

Certifications CrossFit Level 1


In 2016 at age 26, Jason weighed 65 more pounds. Motivated for change, he explored exercise as a healthier way to alleviate stress than eating pizza and drinking beer. Although he initially saw results, he struggled to find a program that didn’t get stale, and he struggled with low back and hip pain, which caused him to have long absences from the gym. Reaching his thirties, Jason believed that being somewhat over-weight, in pain, and being generally stressed-out was just part of getting older. Then, in 2013, Jason decided to take a friend’s advice and give this CrossFit thing a try. He was hesitant. He had pictured going to a gym where they just told him to throw a bunch of weight around and leaving on day one with debilitating back pain. To his surprise, he discovered a program that was welcoming to people of all fitness levels.

He considers himself in better shape now than at any point in his twenties. After discovering what a truly remarkable and life changing program CrossFit is, Jason knew he had to give back to the community. To pursue this goal, he obtained his Level 1 CrossFit certificate in 2016.

He is passionate about teaching CrossFit to others and showing what a great program and welcoming community there is here at Bladium. He also loves spending time with his wife and two-year-old son, snowboarding, and working to achieve his goal of climbing all of Colorado’s fourteen thousand foot peaks

Certifications CrossFit Level 1


Contact Scott at (303) 320-3033 ext. 104 or to schedule your free week session.

We're in Northeast Denver in the Stapleton neighborhood at 24oo Central Park Blvd., Denver CO, 80238

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