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Friday 5/18/2018


500 m row or 400 m run


CS/dynamic stretch

B warmup:

3 rounds of:

250 m row sprint

10 heavy RKBS

Workout warmup:

Take 10 min to warmup to your heaviest DL weight you will use for wod. Warm up HSPU between sets


5 min Amrap
9 Deadlifts RX 185/125, RX+225/155
9 HSPU, Kipping
Rest 2 mins
5 min Amrap
6 Deadlifts, RX 225/155, RX+275/185
9 HSPU, RX+ 5 Strict HSPU
Rest 2 mins
5 min Amrap
3 Deadlifts RX 275/185, RX+315/225
9 HSPU, RX+3 Strict HSPU

Start each AMRAP from beginning.

Each AMRAP is scored separately. (sorry coaches)

For RX+ you must be able to do the heavy weight and strict HSPU. 

Coaches note the DL weight if they cannot do strict HSPU.

Head and hands must be on even surface for RX or RX+ HSPU. 


Cleans (squat)

Starting at 75% do 5x3 on the 2 min. Add weight as you can. 


5 rounds of:

15 GHD situps

10 ring dips

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