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Thursday 8/9/2018


500 m row or 400 m run


CS/dynamic stretch

B warmup:

50 partner pullovers

Team tire pull:

Each athlete will pull tire with battle ropes connected to two tires, One for women one for men. Athlete will extend the entire rope from the tire and standing in place real the tire to their feet. Next athlete will extend the rope in the opposite direction and repeat. Battle ropes will have a knot on one end, insert the rope through the whole in the tier and pull it through until the knot catches. There is red tape on the end of the ropes. To begin pull both hands need to be behind the red tape. There Is also red strip of tape near the tire, you must pull the rope until you can touch the tape. Continue rotation for at least 3 turns, this is a sprint!

Workout warmup:

Three rounds:

10-15 GHD Back extensions


Alternate grip pull ups


15 minute AMRAP:
15 goblet squats 32/20kg
100 farmer’s carry 32-24, 20-16kg kb(2 kb's)
15 ring rows, don't let body sag.
15 perfect pushups
150 run


Make up a lift and Skill you missed this week


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